GPS (Global Positioning System) has been a revelation for the surveying industry. Now it is possible to survey large areas of open ground in less than half the time of a conventional survey. While using GPS we don't require the line of sight back to a survey instrument as you would with a traditional survey, which means we can keep walking and surveying as we go, generating lots more data during the day saving time and money. This is great for open areas like farm land and golf courses.

We don't need a base station either as we are connected to Trimble's VRS Now network. This network gives us centimetre accuracy on demand throughout the UK and is unsurpassed in accuracy with unmatched reliability. This means we can be on site surveying and be instantly correlated to the Ordnance Survey National Grid. No more on site logging of data, or survey to correlate to the national grid means we can survey areas, collect data and have a much faster turnaround for our clients.

We have aways used Trimble GPS GNSS receivers for our surveys, and we now use their newest R12 receiver as our primary GPS GNSS solution.