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GPS land survey in Leicestershire

Topographical Survey, Leicester

Markfield is a commuter village just off junction 22 of the M1 in both the National Forest and Charnwood Forset in the Hinckley and Bosworth district of Leicestershire. We were originally commissioned by a local developer 10 years ago to produce a topographical survey on farmland for the proposal of new houses. 10 years on and only a handful of new properties have been built, mainly around where the existing farmhouse was located. Now the next phase of the development has been put forward with planning for 450 new homes to be built on the site.

We were approched again to complete the survey which included surveying previous areas of the site that hadn't been developed, but also extra areas that could be earmarked for potential development land. Our survey here was instructed in three phases, originally a large area of farmland was then added to by including some of the existing highway infrastructure. Then we were asked to extend the survey to include more farmland to the south and also an existing house and garden. Our total survey area was in the region of 75 acres, and being in December, some of it in very boggy farmland. To produce this survey we used our Trimble R10 receiver connected to Trimble's VRSNow network which immediately correlates our data to the national grid network. We also used our Trimble S7 robotic total station to gather survey data around the house and garden and also a narrow bridlepath which had tree canopies above. 

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Trimble Total Station Surveying in Leicestershire
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