Landtech Surveys worked closely with the client and main contractor on a remediation project within close proximity to local private dwellings. The site was a housing estate built close to Wolverhampton race course. Initially we were tasked with the job of logging the position and level of Geoprobe investigation holes that were being drilled around the sites roads and then into the rear gardens of the residents property. This proved to be a huge task with over 2,200 Geoprobe holes to survey and log onto spreadsheets. Eventually as the results of the soil samples came back we were asked to survey the front and back gardens of properties which had been chosen for remediation work. Plans of all these properties were drawn showing an existing survey and a propsed survey to give the resident an understanding of what was to be done. As with all work undertaken a professional attitude and minimum disturbance to residents was ensured by working around their daily routines and procedures. As a vital member of the team we provided all the necessary drawings and data to the client and were involved with the project for almost 2 years.