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Seeing Satellites

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Land Surveying
Trimble GNSS Survey Equipment

Ever wondered how many satellites are being used in a solution?

Why does that number drop when I start surveying?

Think you’ve got it covered with your R12?

You can see how many the rover can track on screen in Access, but connect to a base station or an RTN (VRSNow) and that number will drop to what the rover and base have in common (Frustrating 😡😡😡)

Here in the picture below i'm using the R12 as the rover and R10 as the base. You can see from the list of satellites being tracked on screen that there are 17 that the rover and base have in common.

Land Surveying
Trimble Access

In the next picture I'm using the R12 as the rover connected to the RTN. Note how many satellites are being tracked now... 13 when connected to the OS Net reference station. The problem here is that although the R12 can track all the constellations shown on the screen,(GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou/Compass), the OS Net reference station we are using as the base cannot. Here the OS Net reference station is not tracking the European Galileo systems satellites E1, E13, E31 and E33.

Land Surveying
Trimble Access

This will vary depending on your location and which reference station you get connected to and if it's been upgraded to accept the new contellations or not.

Worth thinking about though, setting up a base station to see the extra constellation may just get you those hard to get shots out in the field!!

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