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Laser scanning building elevation

Measured Building Surveys

A Measured Building Survey or Building Survey are highly accurate plans of a buildings infrastructure. These plans are essential for architects before making design and construction related changes to an existing building.

We can provide clients with detailed floor plans, elevations, sections and 3d models of any aspect of a building. Typically these surveys would include position of internal wall, doors, windows, ceiling heights, sill and head heights. We can always highlight other services such as electrical sockets, radiator positions and sanitary fittings. We are also capable of supplying clients with detailed roof plans denoting position of timbers and their sizes.

Our surveys are conducted using various techniques to suit the area being surveyed. From a simple tape measure and a Leica disto laser measuring device, to the more technically demanding use of a our Trimble Total Station with on board direct reflex laser measurement for non contact surveying. We also employ the use of our Trimble X7 laser scanner for the ultimate in detail and precision surveys. This high speed 3d laser scanning system can measure millions of points in a matter a minutes during it's scan as well as taking site imagery.

Measured building survey using Laser Scanners

What to expect from a building survey

Floor Plans

Similar to a map, a floor plan shows the exact scaled layout of a buildings structural dimensions. The position of doors and windows are shown. There may be the need to have more detail showing for example sanitary fittings, kitchen units and services within the building. All walls and beams are shown, as well as heights to ceilings and above and below doors and windows. All levels can be related back to a topographical survey if one has been conducted.

Building Floor Plan


A measued elevation is the view of the side of the building showing the existing features. These include doors and all windows. Any rainwater pipes and guttering. Any services that enter the building and any other structural features. The roof is shown along with its ridge and eave height. The chimney will also be shown. Any floor levels, threshold levels and DPC levels can also be shown. All levels can be related back to a topographical survey if one has been conducted.

Building elevation

Cross Sections

We can provide cross sections through any part of a building to show the exact detail required. We will need to carry out a full survey of the building before hand using our laser scanner to quickly collect information and detail prior to the production of any cross sections. A cross section will typically show the diiference in level between floors and and structures relating to an area of interest.

Roof Plans

Our roof plans show the dimensions of an existing roof and where the chimney, ridge and eaves are located in a plan view. Roof plans show the layout of an existing roof which will benefit architects and designers prior to the design of any alterations.

We can also add internal measurement of timbers and supporting walls within the loft space for a complete plan of the roof space.

Building cross section
Roof Plan

Street Scene

A Street Scene is a highly detailed elevation drawing that shows the surrounding environment of your project. We use laser scanning technology to get the most detail in the shortest time on site so that these drawings represent the most accurate information needed. The resulting point cloud means that detail can be added or removed to suit the project needs without having to revisit the site. Typically these drawings will show building elevations, utility poles and lamp posts, trees, walls and boundary fences.

Street Scene Elevation Drawing

We cover these ares locally as well as all of the UK:

Measured Building Survey

Our experience includes the measuring of churches, office blocks, houses, flats, community halls, public houses, shops and many more...

Get in touch with your requirements a for full measured building survey today.

We Provide:

  • Free quotes.

  • Individually priced on your specification.

  • Highly accurate floor plans using modern technology.

  • Laser scanning.

  • 2d elevations of building facades.

  • Cross Sections.

  • Roof plans.

  • CAD drawing supplied in dwg, dxf, dgn and pdf formats.

  • Fast lead in times and delivery.

  • Competitively priced.

Laser Scanning Building Elevations
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