Surveying the level and position of boreholes, monitoring well, window samples and trial pits are becoming an ever increasing activity of our workload. As our client base of Environmental Engineers grow so do their expectations. Not only are we expected to survey more locations but also at an accuracy that they deem acceptable for their monitoring purposes. With modern surveying equipment such as our Trimble R12 GNSS receiver, we can cover huge areas surveying many locations and still remain within acceptable tolerance levels.
As well as surveying the investigation locations we are also asked to produce some background data for some sites. This usually includes water levels of nearby rivers and streams. Or maybe a ditch that runs parallel with the site or an area that is low lying and has tendencies to hold water and flood. We bring all this data together and supply it to our clients as a 3d CAD drawings, cross sections, profiles and spreadsheets, all of which is related to ordnance datum.