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Construction Asbuilt Survey

Construction Surveys

We have carried out various surveys of this nature for many clients including building contractors, structural engineers and architects. Whether the survey is conducted previous to any proposed design or is a post design as-built survey, we always ensure a high standard of quality and accuracy.

Previous work has included detailed drawings of canal locks, ponds and weirs, drainage and culverts, newly constructed roads and sewers, bridges and tunnels, as-built surveys of construction sites and structural detail within buildings.

Asbuilt survey
Structural Engineering Surveying

We provide:

  • Free quotes

  • Individually priced to the clients specification.

  • Highly accurate survey data using modern total stations.

  • Correlation to local or national grid.

  • 2d and 3d asbuilt survey drawings.

  • Survey drawings in dwg, dxf, dgn and pdf file formats.

  • National coverage.

  • Fast lead in times and delivery.

  • Competitively priced.

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