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Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR Surveys/Utility Avoidance

Understanding the subsurface environment is critical before any excavations, drilling and other construction related processes take place. We use a combination of electromagnetic detection equipment and ground penetrating radar to produce a detailed picture of your site before any work commences.

Service assessment surveys or site clearance surveys are an essential procedure prior to any ground investigation taking place. We carry out a grid survey over the chosen location and mark out any services that we find plus the ideal location for any exploratory hole locations and trial pits.

Using the slice view feature of our GPR the data is collected from the grid survey and then visualised on screen as a series of depth slices moving deeper into the subsurface. This data can then be surveyed and added to a topographical survey or supplied as a spreadsheet showing x,y,z values.

Utility Survey
GPR Grid Survey
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