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UAV/Drone Surveying

UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) offer rapid data capture of large areas while maintaining safe distances and can prove to be a cost effective solution to traditional surveying techniques . 

At Landtech Surveys we can offer drone surveying using our in-house drones to capture high definition imagery that can then be used for many deliverables from georeferenced imagery to 3d models. Because we are Land Surveyors, we can ensure that the data we provide is accurate and fit for the purpose intended. Wether we use Ground Control Points (GCP'S), Post Process (PPK) or Real Time (RTK) using the Trimble VRSNow network and our Trimble GNSS receivers, you can be sure that the highest possible accuracies have been achieved. Anything that the drone can not see will be surveyed using traditional survey instruments.

We are PfCO holders and are authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly drones commercially. We also hold relevant public liability insurance.

All our surveys are either processed in Pix4d or Trimble Business Centre where we also complete all our surveys.

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Golf Course Aerial Drone Survey
Drone Survey with DJI Phantom 4 Pro RTK

We also offer Drone Inspection surveys where we can provide you with detailed photographs and video of any asset. All photos are Full HD and video quality is at 4k so that every possible detail is highlighted. We provide this information to you and your team so that you can make your own decisions as to the the neccessary repairs and condition of your assets.

DJI Drone Survey Software

We provide:

  • Drone Surveying on any site nationally - based centrally in England we are ideally based to cover the whole of the UK.

  • 2d orthomosaic maps - Each flight captures 100's of images that we stitch together as one photograph called an orthomosaic.

  • 3d pointclouds - Photogrammetry software turns the images we take into 1000's of 3d points to create a pointcloud.

  • Digital terrain models - We can create 3d models ready for visualisation and CAD applications.

  • Volume and area calculations - Earthwork volumes analysis and large scale area calculations can be produced safely.

  • Aerial Imagery and video - Periodic imagery and video for site updates.

  • Inspection Surveys - Roof surveys and inspection of key infrastructure and assets.

  • Fast lead in times and delivery, Competitively priced, Free quotes.

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