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Hydrographic Survey

Hydrographic Surveys

We use the Seafloor Systems Hydrone, a one man remote controlled catermaran to gather levels of ponds, lakes, rivers and inshore bodies of water. This system enables the surveyor to survey the water bed at the edge of the water in relative safety without having to enter the water by boat or foot thus ensuring safety at all times.

The Hydrone is used in conjunction with a portable echo sounder to enable levels of the water bed and can be used on most inshore bodies of water.

Using this system with our Trimble S7 robotic instrument means that the target on the Hydrone is automatically tracked by the instrument and measurements are automatically taken at set intervals of distance. We can also use this with our Trimble R12 GNSS receiver, again fully automatically taking levels at set distances. This means the surveyor is then free to concentrate on the safe control operation of the Hydrone.

Hydrographic Survey
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