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As 2021 is now well under way and Covid-19 is still having a major influence on our everyday lives, it seems that we are no longer living face to face but more face to screen.

We are constantly being bombarded with how socially distanced we must be to lessen the spread of this terrible disease, yet i'm writing this hoping that you will become more social with us online.

It seems like it's the only way these days, from getting your shopping delivered to your door, chatting with family members in different households, to enjoying an online quiz with complete strangers. We seem to be staring into our screens 24/7.

If i'm completely honest I would much rather meet in person. I could then tell you how we've completed surveys all over the UK for a wide variety of clients, using our latest survey equipment to generate an accurate representation of their sites. How not only do we bring the latest survey technology to site, but also have some of the most advanced survey software on the market today. All this technology and we still make it so affordable to you, our client.

But until we can safely meet, you'll just have to take my word for it...Oh and you can also follow us on your favourite social network platform... Just have a look on your screen!!

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