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#TBT - Hull 2018 - Orthorectified Images

Trimble S7

Back in October 2018 we were instructed by our client to carry out a topographical survey, utility survey and to measure the elevations of 16 disused buildings on site.

The whole site was around 9 acres and was being used to store waste materials which hampered the surveys somewhat.

The topo survey was carried out to national grid by establishing control stations on site using our Trimble R10 GNSS and then surveying detail with our Trimble S7 Robotic Total Station. Utility tracing was carried out using cable avoidance tools and ground penetrating radar. This would normally be pretty straight forward but on this site we had the unusual situation of a lot of the site being covered in waste material which proved difficult when trying to trace utilities and measure the building elevations.

Trimble S7

Due to the amount of material that was stacked up against some of the buildings it made it impossible to get anywhere near the footprint to take any measurements.

In this case we used the Trimble S7, which has the Trimble Vision ability, to gather panoramic images of the building elevations and then also measured to certain points using the direct reflex non contact surveying option of the S7. We could then use this data in Trimble Business Center software to draw the elevation on the orthorectified images.

Orthorectified image from Trimble Business Center

From orthorectified images we even measured the steel frame structures on site.

Orthorectified image from Trimble Business Center

Sometimes though the waste material was just to much to get any kind of detail on the face of the elevation. This was explained to the client and it was agreed that the building outline was all that could be achieved.

Orthorectified image from Trimble Business Center

Despite the vegetation and waste material we can draw the elevation from this orthorectified image in Trimble Business Center. A couple of levels at each end was all that was needed to complete the elevation.

Building Elevation

If you need building elevations measured on your next project please get in touch so we can discuss how we can help.

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